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August 2, 2016

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March 7, 2016

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May 13, 2015

Deep Spinner


Are you in doubts or do you have a particular question to Spinity? We'll keep gathering the most frequently asked questions here to help you navigate through the Spinity Web. In any case, please feel free to reach us by email, should you have a question not listed below:

How much can I earn as an affiliate?
Basically you get a 15% commission of the gross turnover generated by your player. Mind that we provide a transparent commission over total deposited amounts, not a ‘higher looking’ shared revenue like most of online casinos offer.The more players you bring, the more they deposit, hence the more you get. However, basic commission may be subject to change depending on the content offered. In that case, a special notice will be issued and it will be explicitly stated at Our program section of the site also.

When do I get my commission paid?
We make a bank transfer within 5 weeks passing a current calendar month.

Why do I have to fill in my VAT-number?
You only have to fill in this number if you sign up as a company within the European Union; it's purpose is to live up to European tax regulations.

Do I receive VAT over my income?
Those affiliates residing on Malta and operating as a company will receive an applicable percentage of VAT as extra over their earnings, for all the others VAT is 0%.

Do I pay for any data traffic when adding your content to my site?
You only pay for data traffic of content that is hosted through your provider. All traffic generated by our promo tools and the games itself is on our pocket.

Is it legal to promote your content?
All content offered is legal in the country of origin and can therefore be promoted without limitations.

Do I have to pay income tax over my commission?
All income you gain is subject to tax regulations in your country of origin. Apply to your tax-office for specific regulations in your country.

Is it allowed to have more then one affiliate account?
It is allowed to have more then one account, but you should mind the threshold for monthly payout when dividing turnover over several accounts. To help you keep track of where your visitors come from - in case you have several accounts - we provide a special 'info' variable. You'll get more detailed statistics information by including it in your links.

What is the minimum commission to gain before you pay out?
The minimum amount for payout is 100 Euro. Please apply to conditions stipulated under Our program section for details. If amount is lower than minimum set, it is transferred to the next month(s) until the qualifying amount is reached.

Will my affiliate account expire?
An approved account has virtually no expiration date as long as it generates turnover. However, the account may be terminated either when you cancel it manually or when no turnover is generated for a continuous period of 6 months.

If a player plays through my account, does he remain attached to it so that I receive commission over his future sessions or this is a one-time operation?
We're committed to keep a player attached to affiliate's account to a max. extent possible. Every time a player comes from your website, your affiliate-ID is attached to all of his spendings; it remains that way until he plays by coming from another affiliate. As a last resort, we use so-called cookies, stored on a local player's machine. It serves the purpose of attaching an affiliate's ID recorded with previous visits for occasions when player enters the game directly through promoted content provider website. The cookies are valid for a period of 3 months and shall be renewed upon next visits.